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  • Jeannie Forrest Ph.D.

Why GrowthSpurt?

I like the expression. It’s healthier than "change management” or “executive leadership” or any other kind of corporate-speak. It sounds refreshing and happy, lively and full of life. It’s something people associate with kids, who tend to grow rapidly and surprisingly. Growth can’t be policed and it can’t be coerced, but it certainly can be nourished, fostered and celebrated. — Dr. Jeannie Forrest

The Coaching Process

Coaching is about facilitating positive change. People generally participate in coaching because they want things to be different. Sometimes they are restless or anxious personally or professionally; sometimes the motivator is a negative review of some kind that generated concern and sometimes the impetus is simply the urge to be better at management and leadership, especially during times of transition. More


When we want to know how to take the next step of professional growth, there is nothing quite like knowing–first–where we already stand. Although I joke that working with a coach is like standing in front of a three-way mirror (I don’t really want to know if I look fat in those pants!), self-awareness is a good way to understand real options. In some instances, assessment can be an enormous confidence boost (hey, I look pretty great in those pants!) and it always helps shape growth. More

About Jeannie

Dr. Jeannie Forrest works with executive- and senior-level administrators when they want to get serious about being successful. For 25 years, she has worked in complex management environments, from banking and commercial real estate to non-profits and higher education. A gifted clinician, Jeannie helps people and organizations move forward by growing talent and developing skills in key performers. More