“Unlock my power”

Jeannie is a genuinely wonderful person, and I’m profoundly grateful I got the chance to benefit from her experience and generosity.  In the time we worked together, she did something so special for me: Jeannie helped me unlock my power and my spirit at a time in my life where I needed a champion and someone to model what a strong and happy woman could look like as she grew up into the world.  She did this in a million ways– most centrally, she embraced my faults as warmly as she did my strengths, and helped me laugh every day we worked together– and making me laugh is the signature of all essential people in my life.  Jeannie taught me the difference between having no judgment, and having good judgment, and helped me discover how to put “fun” in my work.  The experience of working with Jeannie was the assurance that nothing would be too difficult to take on, that all of life could be managed and with a hell of a sense of humor.  I’ve taken the spirit of that with me to my great benefit, and passed it on now many times to others in my life, to their deep appreciation. My life has been deeply changed for good because of everything I learned in partnership with Jeannie.

–M. de Mel, Foundation Director, Austin TX