Jeannie Forrest, Ph.D.Dr. Jeannie Forrest is a business coach who works with executive- and senior-level administrators when they want to get serious about being successful. She has worked in complex management environments for 25 years, ranging from not-for-profits to banking and commercial real estate to—most recently—higher education at NYU School of Law and Yale Law School. Jeannie is a gifted clinician who combines sophisticated workplace experience with psychological training. Her practice emphasizes helping people move forward at significant life junctures, growing talent within organizations, and developing emerging skills in future performers. She provides coaching for individuals, knowing from experience that “when individuals in an organization are empowered to perform at their optimal potential, the organization inevitably leapfrogs forward to achieve higher order results.” Her communication style is to listen generously and provide unambiguous honesty: “Why waste time? Tell the truth!”

Prior to taking on the Vice Deanship at NYU School of Law, she worked with such organizations as Commerce Properties, The Utah AIDS Foundation, and The Opperman Institute for Judicial Administration. As the Associate Dean of Development and Alumni Relations, Jeannie led the Law School’s $400 million capital campaign, the most successful among peer institutions. In addition to being a savvy fundraiser, she is an insightful leader, empathic manager, and effective problem-solver. As Vice Dean, Jeannie’s primary focus was on developing synergies and collaborative communication among school-wide departments, with the aim of transforming the student, graduate and administrative experience. As a consultant, she works with academic institutions, business leaders and non-profit mission-based organizations.

Jeannie completed her undergraduate degree in Communication Theory at the University of Utah, and her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at NYU Steinhardt. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Jeannie approaches the coaching process excited about the possibility of “changing lives for good.”