Emotional Intelligence and lawyers

Thank you for the wonderful workshop for our group of IBM lawyers. It was very informative, and now that I have had the time to review the materials more closely, I personally feel the EQ assessment is a valuable tool for me to build on, especially for a customer-facing lawyer/negotiator like myself. I am truly amazed about how spot on my personal assessment is, as it matches feedback I have gotten in the past and characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses that I had sensed about myself. The EQ assessment distills all of that information, and highlights my strengths and weaknesses and areas/strategies for improvement in such a way that I can really use such information in my professional and personal life going forward. As an ESTJ I appreciated the organized information that I can take action on. I wish I had something like your class in law school, or earlier on in my legal career. I really think you are on to something and I would urge your students to really use and understand their EQ assessment, especially for anyone who plans to go into corporate/business law or litigation.

Philip R. Lauderdale,  Attorney

IBM Global Process Services