Fundraising, Development, Institutional advancement.

One of the biggest challenges for institutions, regardless of size or funding source, is development.

The Emotionally Intelligent Fundraiser Workshop

1.5 to 2 hours

for 8-20 participants

The core objective of this workshop is to deepen the kind of self-awareness that creates comfort and nimble conversation when it comes to asking for money. Working with your team of development and advancement professionals, I create an understanding of compelling personal narratives and styles. The workshop is both personal and relaxed; we role-play and cut to the heart of the issues that allow us to more effectively approach prospects in a way that comfortably turns them into donors.

Emotional intelligence has four elements. It begins internally with self-awareness and self-management. Then it leads to the externally focused social awareness and relationship management. The world expects a fundraiser to be acutely savvy about relationships, but we often want to jump over the inward-facing aspects of emotional intelligence. Self-awareness is especially worth our close attention as we develop skills in the philanthropic world; it will make us more effective at relationship management and—ultimately—fundraising.

Money may be just ink on paper. But there is a reason we label it “currency.” It’s electric. It has a charge. Money holds power and shame. It represents life energy. It is the stuff of dreams and nightmares. It is the mortgage and the groceries. Until we really face what money means to us, we cannot be really effective about how others relate to money and asking for their philanthropy.

Individual Coaching

Per hour/usually set up on a 3-month contract of weekly calls and meetings

Deal with everything from the pre-ask jitters to steadfast stewardship. Development and institutional advancement require a warm humanity and a dynamic, organized approach. Private sessions range from consultations about strategically approaching difficult prospects to role-playing the big “asks” more effectively. I’ll also help with setting up a supportive development office structure and creating successful, efficient teams.